5 Way to Establish Brand Domination

by admin / Monday, 30 March 2015 / Published in Branding Tip

5 Way to Establish Brand Domination

Branding is very much like an athletic competition. It takes a strong offense and a solid defense to win.

5 Secrets to winning the brand domination war:

1. Know You Competition: Completely study how the other actors, models, entertainer market their brand image. Know how and where they spend their marketing dollars and attempt to learn what is working and not working. Then plan your brand domination strategy. The goal is not to be as good as the other guys, but dominate them on every level. You win by being the most innovative, unique and of course the best in terms of talent.

2. Be More Aggressive: What ever your top competitors are doing go after them and do it better, smarter and with more passion. Don't let a competitor win the brand domination war on any front. Take it to him and hit em hard. If social media is their strength, blow them out of the water with your social media marketing. If Justin Bieber is stealing your fans figure out how to beat him at his own game.

3. Build the Strongest Team: Behave like you are in the big leagues. To win in the NFL for example, the team must be strong in every position and work together as a team in highly stressful situations. Brand domination is a war. You don't just win a battle and go home. You conquer the land and eliminate your opposition so they lose their will to fight another day. You are only as strong as your weakest link so brand domination requires you have the best players at every position. Someone will win the super bowl in your market. Make sure it is your team that wins. Surround yourself with the best marketing, PR and design talent you can find that understand your goals and know how to win. Experience matters.

4. Exploit Your Competitors Weaknesses: Nearly every marketing team makes mistakes and leave a couple doors open for you to sneak in and hit them hard in their weakest point of competition. Using football as an example, just like teams study game films of their opponents each week brand domination must include an on going analysis of where the competition is winning and losing. Like a good quarterback, you read the other teams defense. If necessary call an audible to exploit a weakness. Brand Domination is no different. Beat the other brand where they are the most strong and at the same time read their plays and knock them out where ever you smell blood in the water. Take full advantage of every weakness. Kim Karashian is not following anyone. She is first, fast and always in the media. Her team understands how to play the game.

5. Establish a Great Defense: To win a brand domination you shore up your own weaknesses so when someone challenges your market share, you do not allow them to gain any ground on you. If they beat you once, make sure it never happens again. Defense wins football games and is also wins in brand domination. Example: Your fiercest competitor changes the design of their website. Now it looks and performs better than yours. Your first mistake was to not make sure your website is always the best. That is your defense. But if you get beat in web design, you come back with better design and more relevant information that is the most appealing to your fans, clients and potential customers. Be first to change the flow of the game. Get more fans, win at social media, distribute more content and be the most creative player on the field. Always be the lead dog. Let the other try to follow you.

By Michael Deitsch Sr. Director of Marketing, Howansky, LLC All Rights Reserved. 

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