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About us

Angel Howansky – Celebrity Publicist

Angel has made her mark on the entertainment business as Publicist for many celebrities including; Eddie Griffin, The Jacksons and Boyz II Men . Angel is known as one of Hollywoods "A List" celebrity publicists. Besides being a kind and gentle lady to work with, she is a skilled writer with natural celebrity branding ability.

She has honed her talents over the years with clients that are known worldwide. They value Angel's wisdom and experience. She loves her work and is passionate about Movies, Music, Fashion, Soccer, Family and Dogs. Because she is so good at her craft, clients love to work with her. As the CEO of Howansky LLC, Angel is building a diverse and highly talented team. A genuine California star in her own right, this is what she was born to do. The Howansky team works on all aspects of personal branding in the entertainment market.

Publicity is the backbone of Angel Howansky LLC. As an independent publicist, Angel Howansky works with the Hollywood star and the industry studio as her clients, as well as others from the world of entertainment. However, what the trade calls “publicity” is only one component of celebrity marketing. Compared to channels of paid advertising, publicity generates exposure which is relatively "free." Publicity is at work whenever celebrities make personal appearances at press conferences or film premieres, give television interviews, are displayed on magazine covers, or allow the press to cover a private event.

The role of a publicist in Hollywood has changed and become more challenging in recent years. With the enormous increase of the entertainment news outlet such as TMZ, Perez Hilton and Page Six, it has become more difficult for the publicist to manage the negative news story or crisis situation. In addition, journalists from prominent publications often no longer consult with the publicist before running a potentially damaging story about one of the publicist’s clients. Angel Howansky and her team are known entities throughout Hollywood and the industry.

The media journalist knows Howansky as a publicist with access who can be trusted. Publicists must also work harder to keep their celebrity clients relevant in the entertainment media. Even booking a celebrity for an interview or a television talk show has become a challenging task. If something goes awry, the publicist and the celebrity could both be highly criticized by the media. It's all about the brand called "YOU." Hollywood publicists create and manage relationships between celebrities and an array of media channels through which the identities and brand of the celebrity is circulated. In this age of social media, this is vital. The celebrity has a dual relationship with the publicist. The publicist brings awareness to the celebrity’s work, but also, has an interest in self-publicity for the client. It is for the latter reason that—while many celebrities continue to regard managers as an optional luxury–today the majority of stars in Hollywood hire a publicist who will get their name before the public in a positive light, while managing the negative.

Today, in order for a Celebrity to manage his or her brand image, it requires every tool in the toolbox. Most importantly they must manage a broad compliment of social media outlets from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, linkedIn and many others. Realizing that to do a complete job for her clients, Angel understands it takes a full service, Multi-talented Group. By adding a team of experts, the Angel Howansky Celebrity Marketing Group will help her clients with Image Branding, Career Management, Video Production, Event planning, Social Media Dominance, Marketing Campaigns and Promotions, Design for Collateral Materials for Special Events, World Class Photography, Pay-per-View Streaming and so much more.

Our Team

Altogether, our management team is made up of entertainment industry Public Relations, Marketing and Design professionals that have a combined experience of over 25+ years working with celebrities in Music, Theater, Video Production, Publishing, Web Design, Social Media and Personal Branding. As our founder and leader Angel Howansky says, "Our primary role is not to make stars but help the stars shine brighter

Angel has done worked for members of the Jackson family for several years as publicist for a wide range of Jackson projects. Angel is one of the best publicist in the industry, she very loyal and is known for extraordinary work.

You have always been there for me and have become much more than a publicist. Hollywood is still trying to figure out how all this social media and traditional marketing works together. If anyone can master it I know it is you.

I've worked with Angel Howansky and her team for many years. She is the most honest, dedicated publicist I have ever encountered. I trust her completely.

Anyone who is anybody in the entertainment business knows your work ethic and how hard it is to reach the top of the mountain in any profession. Some how you have managed it all without losing the beauty of your heart and soul. I hear your new team has fresh experiences and talent to help launch your new venture. Let's talk soon. You are always No.1 in our book. .

I am so impressed and excited to be working with Angel and her team to handle my publicity, marketing and management. Not only do they share my passion for animals, they have the branding experience that I have been searching for to represent me worldwide. My career is in their caring hands. . .
JOHN ORLANDINI - AKA Johnnyo Animal Activist and Humanitarian

How we work

Everyone connected to Angel Howansky LLC, Celebrity Branding is here because of their high level of honesty, trust and unique talents. We are here to keep it real everyday in pursuit of building our client's brand value and marketability. We are broadening our client base at a pace that allows us to always have time to do great things.We will stay focused on the industry segments we know best. We manage personal brands in the same way Proctor & Gamble markets its brands…with creativity, broad appeal and the eye to the mass market. Branding the celebrity is similar to a product, we manage you in the entertainment marketplace of images and ideas as someone unique and not to be duplicated elsewhere. Most importantly, we know how to take each media platform and blend it in a way that the world at large knows what is important about you and what, most vitally, they remember about you. Many celebrities know branding and image development are important, but when it comes to executing all the marketing plans it takes to build a long-term, consistent and positive image, it looks like way too much work. We do not take short cuts and we don't mind that the process requires time and a complete understanding how each medium must be used to maximize your branding Identity. We are not here to develop one hit wonders. Our job is to take stars and help them shine brighter!

how we work

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