Angel Howansky Launches Celebrity Publicity and Branding Company

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Angel Howansky Launches Celebrity Publicity and Branding Company

January 1, 2015, Beverly Hills, CA — Highly respected Celebrity Publicist and Consultant, Angel Howansky, announced today that she is launching a new Celebrity & Entertainment Marketing, Branding and Management company as Angel Howansky, LLC with headquarters in Beverly, Hills, CA

Having worked with many A-List Celebrities in her career, including some members of the famous Jackson family, Angel took time away from work, after Michael Jackson’s death, to be with her own family and use the time to develop the plans for a much larger presence in Hollywood, New York and Nashville. Today, Angel Howansky Launches Celebrity Publicity and Branding Company. “I still handle publicity for Mr. Jackson,” Angel said. She added, “However, I am ready to expand my career in several new directions beyond Celebrity Publicity and Consulting. We will leave discovering new talent to the agents and managers that specialize in working with those that have yet to establish their Celebrity status,” Angel added.

Angel comment that her passion is Marketing, in the broadest definition of the profession, which explains why her new staff includes highly experienced talent in Public Relations, Talent Management, Branding, Logo Design, Advertising, Web Development, Mobile, SEO, Video Production, Live Streaming, Event planning, Securing Endorsement Deals and managing a strong presence in Social Media including: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and several other new non- traditional marketing communication platforms. The dream is not a reality as Angel Howansky Launches her Celebrity Publicity and Branding Company with her name as the company name.

Angel explained, “In order to standout in the Entertainment Industry, it takes a lot more than a sex tape and all the rest of the sensational tricks and crazy behavior we currently see going on to grab instant attention to build an image through negative behavior. Developing a lasting branding strategy adds real value to the celebrities fame and longevity in the industry. You can only be rude and crude so many times before there is nothing else left to do to shock the public. I stand on my track record and that of my partners and staff to develop solid branding reputations for our clients.”

Angel noted, “I also have made many friends and contacts in the industry both; coast to coast and worldwide who are anxious to partner with my team and I to handle any and all Celebrity Marketing projects that come our way. Because people in the entertainment business already know me, it made good sense for to Launch my Celebrity Publicity and Branding Company in my own name. We look forward to talking with any celebrity or management organization interested in how we can effectively develop targeted branding strategies and ideas that are uplifting and designed to achieve specific marketing objectives.” Angel added.

“Yes, if required, we are able to help mitigate bad press, but the real objective here is to infuse a new standard of image management with our clients so that they are seen in a positive light for all the good things they are doing in their careers in music, acting, comedy, sports or any other medium that creates celebrity stars. Hopefully, we can instill our confidence that a quality image is far better than sensational and often senseless tactics and shocking schemes to build a loyal fan base.”

In conclusion Angel said, “Our goal at Angel Howansky, LLC is to work with established celebrities who need consistent brand management to extend and improve their career success. We don’t make stars; we help well known celebrities’ light shine brighter. We have staffed our new company with some of the brightest branding experts in the world. After months of planning and hard work we are ready to open our doors. Angel Howansky Launches Celebrity Publicity and Branding Company is the real deal starting today”

Contact Information:

For further information on working with Angel, visit her New Website and Blog at You can reach her directly through the Contact Page on the website. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Many of you have Angels contact info which has not changed. She looks forward to speaking with you.

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