Before You Sign a Management Contract | Angel Howansky

by admin / Sunday, 1 February 2015 / Published in Branding Tip

Before You Sign a Management Contract | Angel Howansky

There are only three questions you really need to answer.

1. What Celebrities have you work with in the past? 2. Tell me what part you played in that stars success? and 3. How would go about managing my career to the next level? That will eliminate 95% of the managers out there.

You do not want to be represented by a branding company or publicist who is going to try to learn the ways of the celebrity culture at your expense. In Hollywood a Star must be able to trust his or her management team like part of the family. If you don’t have the level of trust, it’s time to seriously make a management change.

You should talk to their clients, research their reputation in the entertainment industry and learn what makes their firm so unique that they can re-direct your own celebrity brand in the direction that will get you more opportunities and extend the life of your career as you grow as marketable talent. What we will not do is lie to you, forsake your trust, jeopardize your privacy or put you in any uncomfortable situation.

Typically our clients increase their income as a result of managing your most important career decisions. Our clients become like family. When you decide to become one of our clients, we keep the sharks away and make sure you are not overexposed or underexposed.  As part of our family you will find that everyone on the Howansky team will embrace your life and career to help you reach your dreams.

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