“Overcoming the “9 Deadly Challenges” that we all face in life”

By Guest Blogger: Vince Rogers, Vince Rogers and Associates.Thought Leader and Change Agent based in Atlanta, GA. These "9 Deadly Challenges" are the greatest killers known to mankind. They murder ambitions, slay dreams, annihilate finances and slaughter the spirit. I would like to share with you a few thoughts of my own about these "demons". […]

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Is Your Management Company Looking Out for YOU?

Monday, 16 February 2015 by admin

Is Your Management Company Looking Out for YOU?

I saw a comment the other day that really upset me. A management company told their client that if she wanted more opportunities, she needed to sleep around more. I resented that comment. My management company would never endorse that type of behavior as a ticket to any job in any profession. I can assure […]

Angel Howansky Launches Celebrity Publicity and Branding Company

January 1, 2015, Beverly Hills, CA — Highly respected Celebrity Publicist and Consultant, Angel Howansky, announced today that she is launching a new Celebrity & Entertainment Marketing, Branding and Management company as Angel Howansky, LLC with headquarters in Beverly, Hills, CA Having worked with many A-List Celebrities in her career, including some members of the […]

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