Do I have to do Nude Scenes to Work in Hollywood?

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Do I have to do Nude Scenes to Work in Hollywood?

There are many components to moving from celebrity to Super Star. Talent is number one. Strategically picking the right opportunities is critical. Having the right connections and trusted relationships is paramount to success. Most importantly you need to stand out. Unfortunately while sex may sell movies and magazines, you have to look yourself in the mirror each day. There are tasteful and creative ways to make an impression without taking your clothes off. If you want a company that has your back and will brand you in a positive light we would love to talk with you.

We understand fashion and bring in the best advisors in the industry to guide in what style best fits your brand image. We believe that inner beauty is just as important as the image you project on the outside. It’s all important but we want your family to be proud of what you do in the entertainment industry. From skin care and clothing to color selection, accessories and how you present yourself is all on point.

We listen to our clients. If you join us we expect that you want to climb the ladder of success. To do that you will be advised to let us guide and direct your career moves. We are here to teach, coach and motivate you to reach beyond your dreams. We expect our clients to help us generate positive press and not put yourself in compromising situations. We can do damage control if needed, but life is much easier if we never have to get a mud bath in the process.

Many times we find that some of the people that are whispering in your ears are looking out for their own greedy dollar. Honestly, some of those negative people will have to go so you can fly. We advise; not dictate. You always have a say in your management. If we can not have a trusted relationship then its time to make a change. All that being said we are confident we can advance your career focused on confidence, talent and picking your opportunities for the best chance of moving your career forward. If this sound like the kind of management company you need now, the next step is to set up a meeting to learn all about your hopes and dreams. You can find our contact info on our website at on the contact us page.

Our contact info is on our new website at

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