Angel Howansky PR assists their celebrity clients in communicating his or her story to effectively reach the target market and sphere of influence. Using cutting edge media—current with the full spectrum social media campaign—we manage the personal brand by actively shaping positive public perception. In a crazy world of mass marketing, we work personally with each client to connect and build relationships and long-term careers.

  • Actresses/Actors
  • TV and Reality Personalities
  • Fashion Icons
  • Talent Agents
  • Movie Studios
  • Movie Producers and Directors
  • Record Labels
  • Musicians and Bands
  • Sports Celebrities

When celebrities are ready they find us:
Our team is headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA. Founder and CEO Angel Howansky is well known in the industry for her professional skills as a publicist who makes positive things happen. If a client has achieved special notice that call for the cover of a major magazine, she has the connections and respect in the industry to get this done.

As a full service marketing/branding company, our services are highly focused on taking a star to the next level and maintaining a high level of positive media exposure, keeping our clients on top of the game for many years.

Examples include:

  • Public Relations
  • Design
  • Social Media Domination
  • Managing Successful Industry Events
  • Celebrity Branding Makeovers
  • How to increase online influence
  • Creative (Out of the Box) ads
  • Involvement in Charitable endeavors
  • Appearances in Radio & TV
  • Growing the client’s Fan Base
  • Keeping clients image Positive
  • Helping our clients Star to Shine Brighter

Star Power is the celebrities ticket to creating the lifestyle he/she deserves. Everything we agree to do, with and for the client, is about adding value to their brand.

If the shoe fit’s, let’s walk the RED CARPET together!

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