Finding Your Competitive Advantage

by admin / Monday, 16 February 2015 / Published in Competitive Advantage

Finding Your Competitive Advantage

As former CEO of General Electric Once said, "If you don't have a competitive advantage, don't compete."

No matter what you are trying to market or brand, understanding your competition is always Step One. Analyze what what your competitors are doing right and also figure out what they are doing wrong. Once you find their weak spots, this market research will tell you what you need to do to find your own competitive advantage. It's easier to succeed when the competition is clearly making mistakes. All you need to do is recognize them, learn from them and adjust your brand marketing to capitalize on your competition's weaknesses. That will help you determine what the best competitive advantage will work for you.

If you find competitors that are out performing you, at least find a way to neutralize their competitive advantage or one up them in the areas of their greatest strength. For example if your weakness is being overweight, eliminate that negative by eating healthy and exercise. I am sure as you start to improve your appearance, people will notice the change. Looking better will produce more opportunities for you. And, feeling great will give you more energy and self confidence. For most celebrities, looking great is their No. 1 competitive advantage. Beauty sells in Hollywood.

If your competition has better connections in the industry than you, make a serious effort to meet new people that matter. Other things you can do to speed up the process are hiring a new manager or investing time in professional groups. My favorite is That is where I connect with the power players that can open new doors for my clients. It takes time to build a LinkedIn following. That is one area that we specialize in for our clients. We can help you setup your account correctly and even manage it for you. The quality of your LinkedIn connections is absolutely a competitive advantage.

Social media is simply exploding off the chart. Be sure your day to day participation is first class and is being seen by all the right people. Post information that is interesting. If you are having a bad day, do what I do. Don't say or post anything. A negative attitude will rub off on all that you do. No one cares that your dog has fleas. If a competitor is getting more press than you, hire a better publicist. Now you have the competitive advantage. The point is to know what other successful people are doing and then make changes in your career or business that will validate your own success. If you are not aggressively using Social Media for business there is no better time to start than today. Most celebrities rarely have time to do this on their own. We can manage this process for you when you become one of our valuable clients. While it seems time consuming to get more Twitter followers than your friends, but that number validates you level of success.

Find your style and keep it current. Fashion is so important in the world of entertainment. If you look great in a certain color, build your wardrobe around it. Find your groove and then work at improving it every day. Next, as you become more successful, outsource things to be done you can't you do not have time to get around to doing yourself. It's the end result that matters.

Finally, surround yourself with the right people. Negative people drag you down. Only you can change it. Put aside everything negative in your life that may be dragging you down. Give yourself six months to put all the above into action and take another in-depth look at you vs. the competition. If you do all the right things at the right time it's not luck any more. You are designing your own path to a successful life. The buzz is now about you; not the ones that were out shining your light.
Surround yourself with the right people. Competitive advantage is now in your court.

You never know when opportunity will happen. It may take months or years. You just don't know when the big break will come; so my advice is to always be ready. The phone could ring today that will change your life. Don't miss out by failing to prepare in advance.

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