Is Your Management Company Giving You Sound Advice? | Angel Howansky

by admin / Thursday, 29 January 2015 / Published in Branding Tip

Is Your Management Company Giving You Sound Advice? | Angel Howansky

I saw a comment the other day that really upset me. A manager told his client that if she wanted more opportunities she needed to sleep around. I resent that comment. My company would never endorse that type of behavior as a ticket to any job in any profession. I assure you that that is never a requirement or situation we would ever condone for our clients. While the casting couch may not be dead in Hollywood, if you work with me and my team, you are safe from sexual abuse of any kind.

We focus on a strategic marketing plan customized for each client. We will help you dominate in all the popular social media, we use PR to get articles out in the mainline press, we feature you on our blog, and we make the right introductions for you and help negotiate the best contracts to advance your career. We have a stellar record of getting our clients on magazine covers, major talk shows and so much more.

Most important, as image consultants we will do an in-depth analysis of what your brand stands for in the mind of your target audiences and make recommendations for ways to improve your image and make sure it remains consistent in all media.

You will be privy to the secrets we use to turn good celebrity brands into long-term, award winning greatness.
When you join Angel Howansky as a client you are working with the best branding talent in the entertainment business.

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