Is Your Management Company Looking Out for YOU?

by admin / Monday, 16 February 2015 / Published in Management

Is Your Management Company Looking Out for YOU?

I saw a comment the other day that really upset me. A management company told their client that if she wanted more opportunities, she needed to sleep around more. I resented that comment. My management company would never endorse that type of behavior as a ticket to any job in any profession. I can assure you it's never a requirement we would ever condone for our management company clients. While the casting couch may not be completely dead in Hollywood, if you work with our team, you will never knowingly be put a you in such a degrading and compromising situation. If that is your normal lifestyle, we are not right management company for you.

We focus on a strategic branding with a complete marketing plan customized for each client. We will help you dominate in all the popular social media. We use PR to get articles out in the mainline press. We feature you on our company blog and website. We have management company experts to help you make the right introductions. We work with you to negotiate the best contracts to advance your career. We have a stellar record of getting our clients on magazine covers, major talk shows and so much more.

Most importantly, as Image Consultants, we will do an in-depth analysis of what your brand stands for in the mind of your target audience and make recommendations for ways to improve your image to make sure the message will always be consistent in all media.

You will be privy to the secrets we use to turn good celebrity brands into long-term, award winning greatness. When you join Angel Howansky celebrity management company as a client, you are working with some of the top Branding Marketing and PR talent in the Entertainment Business.

Before You Sign a Management Contract

There are only three questions you really need to answer:

1. What Celebrities have you work with in the past?

2. Tell me what part you played in that stars success? and

3. How would go about managing my career to the next level? That will eliminate 95% of the management companies out there.

You do not want to be represented by an un-tested management company,  branding firm or publicist who is going to try to learn the ways of the celebrity culture at your expense. In Hollywood, a Star must be able to trust his or her management company team like part of the family. If you don't have that level of trust, it's time to seriously make a management company change.

Before you make a decision on who will manager your career,talk to the firms clients, research their reputation in the entertainment industry and learn what makes their firm so unique that they can be trusted to handle your own celebrity brand image in the direction that will get you more opportunities and extend the life of your career.

What we will not do is lie to you, forsake your trust, jeopardize your privacy or put you in any uncomfortable situation. Typically our clients increase their income as a result of our team managing your most important career decisions. Our clients become like family. When you decide to become one of our clients, we keep the sharks aways and make sure you are not over or underexposed. As part of our family, you will find that everyone on the Howansky team will embrace your life and career to help you reach your dreams. Sound interesting? If yes contact me. Use the contact page on our website.

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