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Keep Learning | Angel Howansky

You don’t have to be the smartest one in the room or meeting, but you can have a solid grasp on your chosen profession that will help you stand out from the crowd. You have to keep learning, because practice makes perfect. You know it’s important, but are you doing it. Athletes stay in shape year around. Each year in their prime they improve on their skills. If they do not get better someone else will and make take their place.
There are so many ways we can keep learning and growing. If you are an actor, take more acting classes. Learn and practice new techniques. A friend of mine decided that each year he would master one new skill. After ten years, he not only got his pilot’s license, he was qualified to fly commercial jet aircraft. One year, he learned to fly a helicopter. He could speak seven foreign languages, ran five miles every other day, went back to college for his MBA and is now taking classes to learn to play the piano.

Who says we have to stop learning after high school or college? There will always be more to learn. My friend rarely watched TV. He read more than one new book a week. He loved electronics so he taught himself how to fix just about anything. What impressed me the most was that he was always interesting and never without insightful things to add to any conversation. He was fun to be around and you could tell he loved life and did not want to waste a minute. He keep his feet on the ground and never became arrogant or boastful.

While driving he had an audio book playing in his car. He hung out with people that knew more than he did on a subject and learned from their experiences. By mastering one new skill a year, by the end of the first ten years in his own personal growth program he reaped the rewards with a full and successful life. The best part is that doing just one new skill a year, he accomplished all this without it being a stressful burden.

While his focus was always on one big thing each year, he loved learning so much that as the years went by he also Karate, Skydiving and Photography; which he then turned into a new career.

Since I am writing this at the start of a new year I could not resist asking my friend what he was doing new for 2015. He was quick to respond that his wife suggested he learn to cook. Smart man. That is exactly what his goal is for this new year.

My friend was never the super smart guy in school. He simply had the ability to set goals and do them. The best part about it is that everyone reading this can duplicate my friend’s passion to learn. You may not fly private jets, but perhaps you can visit one new country each year or learn how to build a website. It’s not what you do that matters. The message is that you can do this and you get to pick what goes on your list. As Nike says, “Just Do It”. Like I always say if you want increase in knowledge and wisdom Keep Learning.

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