The Oprah Brand

by admin / Wednesday, 21 January 2015 / Published in Branding TipCelebrity News

The Oprah Brand

We know that Oprah makes millions but I never have been totally sure how she does it. Then I did some research and learned the following:

Oprah owns her popular show, and the production company. So she sells the show to individual markets, and keeps ALL of the money. Her production company also produces Dr. Phil’s show, Rachel Ray’s Show, and Dr Oz’s show.  She sells them to individual markets. She makes and produces good shows and distributes them to networks herself, cutting out the middle man. Very smart business woman.

She also owns “O” Magazine, which for is very popular. She makes money from a satellite radio channel, and soon to be cable TV channel and She is a successful actress ie SELMA.  

So when you add it all up plus sound investments, you are looking at billions of dollars. It takes money to make money and Oprah is a genius.

It’s her instincts and perfect timing that keep the successes rolling in. She has paid her dues and deserves most of the credit so, I say good for her. She did Build it!!!


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