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Re-Branding Works | Angel Howansky

Our primary mission is to work with a celebrity in music, movies, fashion, sports etc to positively fine tune his or her image in the public market place to build brand value and make sure that the branding stands out clearly in all forms of marketing communication through all media outlets.

We all know that the playing career of an NFL player is less than 10 years with few exceptions. Then what? If the player has not managed his money effectively and gets banged up and or seriously hurt playing the game, the price of fame and fortune can end up in a lonely life and even in bankruptcy court.

The smart players plan well ahead for the day football ends and know clearly how to move on to a new career in broadcasting, movies, sales etc. It is critical to re-brand that person to use their hard earned name brand recognition to re-launch their new career in a positive new direction. It is not hard to do, but requires planning and professional help to do it successfully.

Celebrities rise and fall all the time. Today's flavor is no longer in style. Hip Hop came along and put a lot of music stars out of business. So here's the point. For what ever reason a celebrity's popularity drops, that means they no longer get the same opportunities they once had to make movies, new music etc. Some settle for 2nd best and stay in the entertainment business as long as their fan base will continue to support them.

However, when brand popularity starts to slide downward, it is also a perfect opportunity for re-branding. While some get discouraged and just drop out of sight they are throwing away a great opportunity. They become one hit wonders or a blip on the history charts. The good news is that I am here to tell you, it does not have to end that way. Take Tony Bennett for example. He has found ways to stay current by re-inventing himself for generations.  At Howansky LLC, we work very hard to ensure our clients make the transition to a successful career to reach a whole new market segment or audience.

Our job, both branding and re-branding celebrities, is to take a well known talent, who are no longer on top of their fame and fortune, and find out how it happened and then strategically fix the branding issues required to get the star re-positioned back to doing what they do best. No need to name names here. Brand image must be maintained and adjusted along the way so the fan base continues to grow and the celebrity once again gets the exposure and attention needed to become as big or bigger star than they once were in the entertainment business. It's like branding rehab or a hospital for sick brands.

The good news is that when something bad happens or the market changes, a celebrities career does not have to be washed up. Re-branding works and that is part of what we do at Angel Howansky, LLC. Celebrities need to know that one bad movie, record flop or a divorce does not have to be a career ending calamity. Re-Branding works. Just as consumer companies re-packing a product for more shelf appeal, we use many of the same marketing techniques for a waning super star. Re-branding is a matter of adjusting the factors that drive success. For more information visit

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