Stop Branding by Committee | Angel Howansky

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Stop Branding by Committee | Angel Howansky

It has always amazed me that when people hire a doctor or lawyer, for example, the patient or client rarely tells them what to do. They pay for their experience and knowledge. I never ask my accountant to fix my car or suggest to an architect how to improve the structure of a new building design.

So when a client, talent manager, producer or director tries to tell us, at Angel Howansky, LLC, how to brand a celebrity, I ask them when did you suddenly become an expert at marketing and branding in the entertainment business? After all, I never tell them to step aside for me to Direct their next movie. So why not let real branding experts call the shots? That is what you are paying to get done with precision.

So many people think they are now a Marketing Genius. Actually it's an insult. When my team needs help with an idea they come to me for a solution. Until then, I tell our clients and their managers, let us do what we have been trained to do for several years in the Celebrity World. If we want an outside opinion, we will ask for it. It's not because we are the only ones on earth with good ideas, but decisions made by a committee compromise the creative process.

Stop Branding by Committee. Stop playing in the minor leagues.

Product Advertising & Marketing companies try to build a star's image like they sell soap. Celebrity Branding is a horse of another color.

Most of us have heard the old quote that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. When was the last time a camel won the Kentucky Derby? What started out as a horse, now has humps on its back, lives in sand and can go a long time without water. Does that sound like a thoroughbred race horse to you? Of course not, but someone on the race horse committee contribute a bunch of bad ideas that got adopted by compromise. I think you get the point.

If a Celebrity hires Angel Howansky, LLC because of our reputation for success, significant experience and connections in Hollywood, Nashville or New York, that is what he or she will get for their investment.

Step back and allow our team of experts hit a home run. That does not mean you can't participate in the decision making process. Just do it with a light touch instead of heavy hand. If you have to do it all yourself or even worse with a board room full of people that have no clue what branding is truly all about, chances are very good you will end up with a camel instead of a Derby Winner.

In our firm, once we have laid out the branding strategy for a client there are never more than four people in any meeting. My Creative Director, My Director of Marketing, the client and myself. What our writers, photographers, project managers etc. think is not relevant at this point. Their day will come to execute the plan. But the more people involved in the tough decisions to create a winning image, the greater chance you will end up with a camel instead of race horse.

Stop Branding by Committee! Let the branding experts do their job. Trust me, when it comes to the creative process, the old adage that two heads are better than one does not work. If there are people in the branding meetings that have never crafted a winning image in the entertainment business, they will pollute the branding process with bad ideas.

Everyone in my company, who is working with high profile clients, has done it successfully time and time again. Always remember, you are now in the big leagues. Every move can make or break the outcome of the game.

We always plan to make it to the winners circle. Second best is never good enough.

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