Your Branding Presence on Social Media is Not an Option | Angel

by admin / Saturday, 28 February 2015 / Published in Social Media

Your Branding Presence on Social Media is Not an Option | Angel

The first thing we do when a new client comes to us to improve his or her brand image is to immediately start to work on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It's never easy, especially if we have to start from scratch, but we have done it so many times that we can turn social media around very quickly. As the title says, "Your Brand Presence on Social Media is Not an Option."

Social Media is low cost marketing that can have a large reach; which gives the celebrity or client the platform to build a potentially very huge fan base without spending a fortune. This is one reason "Your Brand Presence on Social Media is Not an Option."

Here's several more reasons you can’t afford to not be on all major Social Media:

It Gives You a Voice. Whether This is where you shape your image and establish a relationship with the people buying your records, going to your movies or buying the products you represent. It's a quick way to share your ideas, keep people informed on you latest projects and make friends. Social Media helps increase the importance of what you really want people to know and talk about. You establish the dialog and control it. "Your Brand Presence on Social Media is Not an Option."

It Boosts Your SEO. Search engines look for people who are highly visible on social media. They use your profiles and activity to determine how you rank in search engine visibility. This ultimately drives more traffic to your website. By posting links to your website from social media, you have a great chance to rank for keywords and phrases that will lead people to your website when they search for those terms. SEO is a little technical and boring, but it is critical to building your brand image. That's one more reason Social Media is important to brand development.

Outsmart Your Competition. Your competition is on social media. You can be sure of it. So, its not only about using social media, but doing it better than everyone else competing for your audience. You must share compelling content on a consistent basis to win them over. That's why we highly recommend that our clients allow us to manage all of their social media accounts and activity. The last thing you want is for your competition to be marketing more effectively than you. Social media is important to stay one up on all your competitors for small marketing dollars. "Your Brand Presence on Social Media is Not an Option."

Social Media Reaches All Demographics. It used to be that only young people were using social media. That has all changed. Today, young people aren't the only ones using social media. Grandma is checking Facebook on her cell phone. That means your target audience, no matter what age, is on social media. Some screw slightly to a younger or older group, but all in all, the people you want to reach use them all. Many studies have shown that individuals of all ages are active on social media. So, if your customers or fans are using social media it makes sense you must be there too! Targeting your message is getting much easier because nearly everyone is using social media. The importance of social media is growing and will continue to evolve. You need to be a big player! This time next year, there will hot new concepts to add. Social media is at its infancy.

Social Media Makes Your Website More Interesting. Websites need to be engaging in order to be effective. By using feeds, plug ins and other tools, you can use these to not only post on the social platforms, but direct them to also post on your website. When people go to your site it is no longer static for days at a time. People come to see your photos, Tweets etc. to follow what is going on in your life or career. Adding social media posts to your website or blog makes them a more personal experience. This is a great way to attract more people to your site. By attracting them with a steady flow of fresh information, it encourages them to come back again and again to see what's new. That way, you start to have a two-way communication with your target audience.


"Your Brand Presence on Social Media is Not an Option." If you had any doubt, I hope this blog post made it perfectly clear that you really do not have a choice anymore. You must score points on social media in order for your business or brand image to stand out online. Have lots of followers is a status simple for sure and you don't build a million followers overnight. So let us help you get started. Angel!

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